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We are in need of more volunteers for our Tuesday food pantry. Please e-mail HERE ( if you are able to help between 7:45 and noon on Tuesday AMs! There are many sitting/ non lifting jobs- fyi!

Mission of Our Lady of the Angels depends on its army of volunteers to run its programming. There is no way we would be able to run our programming without the help of generous people like you. We would be thrilled to have you join us!

There are many options for volunteering, most notably:

PantryMobile food pantry- We need your help to provide food, clothing, and household goods to about 250 families every 1st Saturday of the month. Each pantry begins at 8:00 and concludes around 11 AM at 824 N. Hamlin (Kelly Hall). We typically have 70-150 volunteers for each pantry.
-What do volunteers do at the mobile food pantry? Please see the Food pantries page for details.
-Upcoming dates: see Calendar page. Dates only move from 1stSaturdays for holidays. Date changes will be announced via the home page, calendar page, and e-mail list.
- Sign up? There is no need to sign up to volunteer unless you are bringing a group of more than 20 people.

Tuesday food pantry -
We need your help to distribute food to ~250 families every Tuesday in the school building (3814 W. Iowa St.). from 7:45 AM to 11:30 AM. .
-What do volunteer do at the Tuesday pantry? Please see the food pantries page for details.
- Sign up? HERE ( if you/ your group plans on coming to the Tuesday pantry.

Community dinners- Our community dinner program invites 100-150 neighbors to join us in the church for an opportunityto pray, enjoy a nutritious meal, and build and strengthen healthy family and community relationships based on Christian values. During the school year, community dinners are typically held once or twice a month.
-What do volunteers do at community dinners? Please see the Community dinner page.
-Upcoming dates: see Calendar page. Future dates will be announced via the home page, calendar page, and the e-mail list.
-Sign up? Please e-mail us HERE ( if you plan on coming to volunteer for a community dinner.

After SchoolAfter school program- We need tutors and mentors to help with the after school program at Kelly Hall.
-For tutoring: Many of the children need one-on-one attention in math, reading, and writing. We need tutors from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM Monday – Thursday.
-For mentoring: Great opportunity to get to know and help a specific child in our afterschool program. Requires a one hour a week meeting commitment and brief application process. Mentors are accepted throughout the school year. Please e-mail HERE ( for more information. 
-What do volunteers do at the afterschool program? Please see the Kelly Hall page.
-Sign up? Please e-mail HERE ( if you are interested in becoming a tutor or a mentor.

Seniors' program- We need a few volunteers to help us each Tuesday with our senior citizens program. There is an exercise class from 10:45 to 11:30, Bible study from 11:30 to 12:00, and a lunch from 12:00 to 1:15. We typically need volunteers from 10:45 to 2 pm at Kelly Hall (824 N. Hamlin).
-What do volunteers do at the seniors’ program? Please see Seniors' page.
-Sign up? Please e-mail us HERE ( if you want to volunteer for the seniors'program.

ChristmasSpecial events- We need many volunteers to help us with our special events, such as our Christmas party, Thanksgiving party, block parties, and Bible camps.
-What do volunteers do at special events? Please see the respective pages: Special events and Bible camps.
-Upcoming dates:  See Calendar page. Dates for major events will also be announced via the home page, calendar page, and the e-mail list.

Volunteer“Behind the scenes”- We need volunteers to help us to sort donations, pick up donations, clean, help with fundraising, and (as any Mission volunteer knows) bring things up and down stairs.
-Upcoming dates/ Sign up? Please contact us HERE ( with your (or your group’s) availability and we will see what works for both of us.  

Collecting material donations- We need volunteers to organize collections of non-perishable food, clothing/ household goods, Christmas gifts, and more!
-Sign up? Please see the Material donations page to see our current needs and also contact us HERE ( with your ideas for a collection!

Service retreats: If you would like to organize a service retreat that includes some of the volunteer opportunities listed above, please contact us. See the Retreats page for information on lodging. Our most common service retreats are college alternative spring break trips, summer youth group trips, and local adult weekend service retreats.
-Sign up?  E-mail us HERE ( to discuss planning a service retreat.

Long term volunteering: Long term (several weeks to several months) volunteer opportunities are available, especially in the summer.
-Sign up? Contact us HERE ( to discuss further.

To get updates about upcoming volunteer events, please sign up for our e-mail list HERE. We send e-mail updates once every month or two.