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-Material donations (updated 3/8/2020)

VolunteerMission of Our Lady of the Angels depends on material donations to keep our outreach going and for the day to day needs of the resident Franciscans. Please see the below list of our current needs! Thank you!


Mission of Our Lady of the Angels
3808 W. Iowa St.
Chicago, IL 60651

-We are always in need of perishable food for our community dinners. Please e-mail HERE ( if you would like to sponsor part or all of a community dinner.

ChristmasOngoing needs include:


-Nonperishable food- especially cereal, rice, pasta, pasta sauce, canned meat, boxes cakes/ other baking desserts, canned soup, snack foods, peanut butter, jelly, and canned fruit. Please e-mail HERE ( if you’d like to donate.
-gently used clothing and household goods 
-Diapers/ pull ups (please see Amazon wish list HERE for sizes and types desired)
-Clear plastic bags
-Plastic bags
-hot cups 
-cold cups

-toilet bowl cleaner
-Miracle Gro
-Blue tape
-Christmas lights
-Christmas stamps
-Scrubbing bubbles
-File folders
-Plastic bag holder
-Garbage bags
-clear plastic garbage bags
-furnace filters
-toilet bowl cleaner
-Rose food
-Masking tape
-Dishwashing soap
-Dust/ chemical masks
-Metal pallets
-Green mop bucket
-Red mop bucket
-Mop handle
-Blue mop head
-Red mop head
-White mop head
-Red mop handle
-Hole punches
-medium disposable gloves
-big garbage bags
-Caution tape
-Bona floor cleaner
-Laundry detergent
-hand soap  
-Snow shovel
-Clorox Wipes
-Black ink 
-Red ink 
-Blue ink 
-Yellow ink
-Bags for bread
-Airline miles. Five of the ten Franciscans in our community have families that live a plane ride away. We would appreciate a gift of airline miles to help cover emergency trips home (e.g. to visit sick family members, for funerals). E-mail ( with questions. 

Please note that many of these items can also be viewed on our Amazon Wish Listin a user-friendly format. If you do make an Amazon purchase for the Mission or Franciscans, please send us an email HERE ( if you would like acknowledgement as Amazon does not share your contact information with us

–Sign up for AmazonSmile and share a % of your Amazon purchases with the Mission
Please sign up on Amazon to donate 0.5% of ALL your purchases to the Mission HERE.

Mission Of Our Lady Of The Angels

-Switch your cell phone service to Charity Mobile to support the Mission!
Charity Mobile cell phone service will donate 5% of your monthly cell phone bill to the Mission if you switch to their service and select the Mission (charity #2483) as your charity of choice! Please see their website HERE to sign up. Questions? E-mail HERE (

-Host your site on SiteGround Web Hosting
Looking for a server to host your website? Pick SiteGround using this LINK and they'll donate $50 to the Mission. Questions? E-mail HERE(

-Donate a % of your eBay sales
Please go HERE, choose Mission of Our Lady of the Angels as your charity, and start selling items with 1% to 100% of the proceeds going to the Mission.