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The Mission of Our Lady of the Angels is housed in the buildings of the former Parish of Our Lady of the Angels, remembered by many as the site of the tragic school fire of December 1, 1958.


Buildings Tour Church

-Rectory- Currently houses Fr. Bob and the Franciscans of the Eucharist and their offices.
-Kelly Hall- Houses the afterschool program, senior citizens program, our food pantries, and numerous other programs through a partnership with the YMCA and the Greater Chicago Food Depository.
-Church- The main Church provides the space for Adoration (and will eventually house our Perpetual Adoration), prayer services, Masses, and special events. The basement of the Church is used for special events, Bible camp, larger retreats, and our community dinners. The Church does not function as a parish (SEE FAQs). Click HERE for a picture tour of the Church.
-Convent- Provides housing for our retreatants and overnight and long term volunteers. Our donations are also stored here.
-851 N. Avers- Will provide additional space for retreatants and volunteers.

Please see the HISTORY PAGE(S) to read more about the history and miraculous renovation of these buildings.
-What about the school?- The school is currently rented out by Galapagos Charter School, which is funded through Chicago Public Schools. Many of these students are served by the afterschool program at Kelly Hall.